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Hey There

My name is Lo'Shauna Spivey. I have found a love for natural hair while I have been walking my personal Loc journey.


Los' Hair Candy is dedicated to helping you grow the healthy hair you love. Our products will help maintain your natural hair without all the chemicals and preservatives.

All About Me

My Loc journey started in August of 2015 and a journey it has been. I started, like many others, searching for the products I needed to maintain, grow, nourish, and strengthen my Locs. A couple of years into my journey, I found that the more natural the product, the better its effect on my hair. So, I narrowed my search down to specific products that were made for both natural hair and Locs. Essentially I was looking for something that didn't have all the unnecessary chemicals that the products from the big brands had in them. So, I looked, and I found some good and some not-so-good products. There were two main issues that I found while searching for the right hair care products for my Locs:


  • The first and biggest issue was that the products I considered to be good and that met my standards of quality were very expensive.  

  • The second and only slightly smaller issue was that the products that I considered still good and met my cost standards did not meet my standards on quality. No, I am not speaking on the ingredients, I found that those homemade products cooked in somebodies aunties' kitchen were made of the best ingredients. They made my hair so happy. But, and a very big but was the lack of constant of supply.


At this point, I had a decision to make, either buy the good quality but high-priced products, buy the reasonably priced products when I could get my hands on them, or make my own products. After a long while of looking for a product that was high quality, reasonably priced, and available when I needed it, I found none. 


I spent some time talking with my best friend and hairstylist/loctician, my mom, who at the time was making body butters and soaps, along with a few associates and friends, and I realized that I wasn't alone in wanting something that I would feel good about putting in my hair and on my skin while feeling good about the value of the product I was using. Now I began to take the steps to create the product I was looking for. I knew other natural hair lovers and those just starting their own natural hair journeys needed the same.


After months of trial and error, mixing and experimenting with different carrier oils, butters,  and essential oils, I came up with, what I feel, is a perfect blend to create my line of creams, butters, oils, mists, soaps, and conditioners. I tested them for quite a while, and I loved them! I was not alone in my love for my new creations. My loctician was more than willing to support and use my products proudly in her other client’s hair! I asked for honest feedback on consistency, smell, and texture. She tested them all. I received feedback from a stylist point of view and got feedback from her clients who also loved it.


Roughly under a year of making and selling my hair care products, I was introduced to a barber who had heard about them. She too liked and supported my line enough to use my products on her clients! Before I knew it, I was selling my very own high quality, reasonably priced, and readily available natural hair care products to my friends, family, and their friends and family.


That is how Los’ Hair Candy was born!

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